Vertrouwen Investment warranty period is from the date of delivery and covers our domestic customers only.

Our 6 months replacement warranty will cover electrical faults except the battery,Remotes, drive Motors and chargers because these can be mistreated.All parts within warranty & out warranty’s will be post by Au express post with buyer’s Cost.

Any labels,stickers, lights,audio,musics & broken parts will only cover while you assemble Ride on toys & you notice the issue are there & the car is reselling conditions.
Toy cars & Bikes lights , musics & stickers do not cover Once it has been used because it again could be mistreated.

Junior Riders Ride on toys are Made of one of top quality but again too much exposure to sand, dirt and gravel to ride on toys can damage the car’s engine and gearbox and won’t be covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Any brand New car has purchased from us & once you notice it may have issue due To assemble errors or Manufacturing faults has to be drop off( for local customers only)to our locations & we fix or replace in 2-8 weeks depending on parts availability.

In the event of a fault part, we will supply the replacement parts free of charge. In the event that the item still doesn’t work after the parts have been replaced, we will refund or replace the entire product. If you need spare parts that faulty outside of these warranty terms, we are happy to assist.

Please note: Items must be returned with proof of purchase, the merchandise box, manual, accessories and all other items in the original packaging (unless otherwise discussed).

Items must be returned to us via couriers of safe method with proof of shipment. We will not be held responsible for the loss of returned items or lost shipping costs. Please note if you cancel a pre-order of which you have Afterpay Vertrouwen Investment will refund the amount minus the discount taken by Afterpay as we get charged for their fees.