Ride on Cars Bikes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve tried our best to answer the most commonly asked questions.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

FAQ About Ride cars, bikes & Many more

1.Where are junior-riders’s Ride on Toy cars & Bikes made?

-We imports our cars all around the world.It also depends make & models of Ride on Cars & Bikes

2.How long will my car stay charged for?

-Full charged battery should last between 50 mins tp 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the surface the car is riding on, the weight the child and the frequency of it being driven.

Please ensure that you DO NOT charge the battery for any longer than 10 hours.
If the battery is charged for longer, it will unfortunately cause permanent damage and you will need to replace it.
Please message us for the battery quote & they are roughly less than $60.

Please charged the car battery once in a month if you are not using.

3.Are cars controlled by remote or can my child control it themselves?
-Most of our models have remote & pedal. Parent can override or Young one can drive at the same time.

4.Assembled My Car & Won’t Turn on ? Can you help me?
-please make sure that you remove plastic seal for battery connections then it will make proper connection.

5.Why you buying ride on cars from junior-Riders?

Most of our models are licensed products & have Genuine license Certificates as well as has a high levels of safety standards checks in each model. We also provide support out of warranty period about diagnosis issue of the products & supply parts less than $49.

Shipping & Delivery Questions:

1.What is your delivery time/estimated shipping time?
-Estimated time of delivery 5-7 days on most metro areas of Australia & Regional area are expected 7-10 days.

2.What are the delivery fees?

-Delivery cost depending on cars size & locations.please use shipping tools or email us we will reply you as soon as we can.
3.Do you do express post?
-Yes we do TNT overnight Delivery.

4.Will I be notified of the delivery day?
-We will provide you Tracking number same day or next day.

5.Can I arrange shipping myself?
-Yes you can & please choose pick up option.

7.I am ordering from overseas, how do I enter the correct shipping details?
-Please email us about address & country, we will provide you quote in 24 hours.

8.I selected shipping and now want to pick up. Can I change it?
-if the products already dispatch, you won’t able y to pick up. Please let us know asap.

10.Do you ship to other countries besides Australia?
-Yes we do . If you are buying our ride one cars , it has lead acid battery , you are not allow to transport by Air freight. Please ask your Airlines for safest options.

11.How are the cars delivered?
-We use TNT for delivery of products & local transport for Brisbane Metro delivery Areas.

Payments options Questions:

1.What are your payment options are available?
-All major credit Cards, After pay , Bank Transfer & cash on Pick up.

3.Do you use AfterPay
Yes we do have After Pay on Payment Section.


1.Can I order online and then pickup to save shipping costs?
-yes you can save shipping cost & please leave a note for pick up from Brisbane Qld(pick up only in Brisbane Qld).

2.Where is your shop located?
-We do have distribution centre at Aspley Qld. Shop is closed due corona virus.

3.If I purchase my car can someone else pick it up?
-Yes you can . Please leave a note who is going to be pick up.

4.I selected pickup and now want to
re-shipping. Can I change it?
-yes you can.please send us message about the delivery address & will calculate fees for you.

5.Can I arrange shipping myself?
Yes you can.

6,What days and times is your depot
-we open Monday to Saturday 9 to 4 pm. Please book a time before you come in.

7.Do you have offices outside of Brisbane?
Not at the moment.

8.Do you have stock ready and waiting to go? If I like a car can I purchase straight away?
-Most car ready to go except pre-order.

9.Where can I view your cars @ Brisbane?
-we are currently closed inspection due to corona Virus & will open as soon as possible.


1.What warranty comes with the car?
-we do cover 6 months manufacturing warranty.we more than happy to repair the car & if not fixable, replacement with a another one.

2.What happens if I have a problem with my new ride-on car?
-Please email us junior.riders123@gmail.com with a brief description & small video.
We will send you parts or repair at our drop off locations.
We offer free a personalise plate for this hassle.
4.Do you repair ride-on cars?
-yes we do. Inspection cost will be $20 & rest quote after inspection.

5.What is assembly? What does it include?
-Assemble Ride on cars are easy , Any one can do it. If you want us to assemble, please leave a note , we will do it for you. Assemble fees is $39.